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More Things to do in Bogota, including Tours, Layover, and Overnight Ideas

Stuff to do in Bogota

Bogota Tour Ideas

Private Salt Mines in Nemocón Tour from Bogotá

Private Salt Mines in Nemocón Tour from Bogotá
5 hours
USD 109.00
One of the most picturesque towns in Colombia is located a few kilometers from Bogotá. You will visit the salt mines that surround this city and also let yourself be amazed walking their streets and seeing colonial architecture that will blow your mind with its unique beauty and tranquility.<br />Mining is very popular in Nemocón because they have a lot of salt works in the areas of Zipaquirá and Nemocón.  Some sectors are open to the public and others are open exclusively for the excavations.

Rio Negro Rafting Tour from Bogotá

Rio Negro Rafting Tour from Bogotá
6 hours
USD 98.00
Enjoy thrilling rapids on an exciting rafting adventure down Colombia's Rio Negro, a tropical river located outside of Bogotá. Leave Bogotá behind and feel your adrenaline rush as you learn to paddle and navigate through the picturesque Rio Negro on a guided river tour, perfect for all skill levels!

More Things to do in Bogota, including Tours, Layover, and Overnight Ideas

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Bogota Airport (BOG) Taxi Service

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 Official Bogota Airport Taxi Service


Official Bogota Airport Taxi Rates & Fares

Bogota Airport taxi rates given here are in the local currency (COP or Colombian Peso). Use our currency converter or the cheat sheet to the left if you would like to convert to your currency. Note that Bogota Airport taxi rates given here are for official taxis and unofficial or pirate taxis (discussed below) may be different. Drivers will also accept USD.

  • From the Bogota Airport to the city centre is COP 15,000-26,000, depending upon the area you are going to, and defined by the registered taxi ticket system.


    As chances are that you will take a taxi other than your trip from the airport, it is important to be familiar with meters and surcharges.


    Here's now the taximetros, or meters, work:

    • The meters don’t count in pesos/COP; they count in "ticks" which are later converted to a fare
    • The meter starts at 25 "ticks"
    • The meter advances by increments of one tick every 1/10 kilometer, or every 30 seconds
    • The total number of "ticks" determines your fare
    • The fare is calculated by matching the total ticks with the corresponding fare on the rate card
    • For example, if the meter reads 80 ticks, consulting the guide you will see that 80 corresponds with COP 5,000 pesos or whatever
    • Make sure that the driver resets the meter to 25, and the meter is started, before you set off


    Current surcharges are:

    • Airport: COP 3,200
    • Night (20:00 - 05:00): COP 1,600
    • Holidays: COP 1,600
    • Sundays: COP 1,600
    • Pre-booking: COP 600
    • Tip: don't be surprised to find the night surcharge applied if you start your trip before the cut off time, but arrive afterwards; this is a standard practice
    • The most up-to-date surcharge details are printed on the fare card

Bogota Taxi Payment: Cash only
Drivers will also accept USD.
Bogota Taxi Tipping Recommendation: Tipping not required

Official Bogota Airport Taxi Details

Bogota Airport Taxi

Bogota Airport taxi photo

Bogota Airport taxi service is available 24 hours a day.


With regulated taxis at Bogota Airport, you first have to search for a stand, where you will have to point out your destination and then they will print out a ticket indicating the price you will have pay. Then, pick up a taxi from the line and explain to the driver where you are headed. At the end of the journey you will have to pay ONLY what is printed out in the ticket.


The travel time into Bogota is around 30-40 minutes, depending upon traffic.


For other taxi rides in Bogota, the fare will be determined by the meter, called a taximetro, and a corresponding rate card which should be hanging in the back of cab. How the meter works is explained in Fares below.


Be aware that Bogota taxis frequently don't have working seat belts. If that bothers you, consider another form of transport.

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 Unofficial Bogota Airport Taxi Service or Hire Points


In addition to advising you never to take an unofficial airport taxi, IHateTaxis advises you to be cautious about your use of taxis during your stay in Bogota. 


Flagging a taxi on the street in Bogota is dangerous. Sadly, one of the things that Botoga is famous for is a crime nicknamed the "Express Kidnap" or "Paseo Millonario" (Millionaire Ride). Here's how it works: Once you are in the taxi, the driver will stop and pick up accomplices (sometimes taking a detour to do so) and together they rob you. But they do not stop there. They will demand that you withdraw cash from your debit card and credit card at ATMs, and they will drive you around until your withdrawal limit is reached.


A few tips for staying safe: 

  • While this crime most frequently begins when a taxi is flagged down on the street, you can also be at risk taking an unofficial or pirate taxi at the airport, getting a taxi outside a bar, etc. 
  • Ask your hotel to arrange your taxi, or
  • Call the dispatcher (599-9999, 311-1111 or 411-1111 - make a note of the last 2 digits of the phone from which you call the taxi; this is called the "clave" (key) and your driver will ask you for it)
  • In a pinch, ask security at the bar for assistance
  • Be careful how much you drink, as you need to keep your wits about you (also, never let your drink out of your sight, drugging is common)
  • Lock the doors of the taxi, especially after dark.

  • Never agree to taking a short cut if the driver suggests it

  • Better yet, avoid taxis if you can
  • If you are a victim of this crime, co-operate, as they may be armed


As common, but less dangerous taxi crime in Bogota is petty theft:

  • There have been instances of tourists being scouted by criminals upon arrival at Bogota Airport, then followed and robbed at traffic lights
  • It is also common for street thieves to brazenly reach in through an open taxi window to steal your valuables
  • Lock the doors, keep the windows, hold onto your purse/wallet - and stay alert

IHateTaxis.com does not recommend the unofficial Bogota Airport taxi service.

Beware of unlicensed cabs as they are unsafe and generally more expensive than official taxis.

 Bogota Airport Taxi Scams

Luggage Loaders

Be wary of the men outside the Bogota Airport who offer to place your bags in the taxi as they will ask you for money once the bag is placed for about 3 seconds worth of work. Place your own bags into the taxi and do not hand them to anyone else.


Missing Rate Card

Sometimes taxi drivers don’t post the guide and rattle the price from the top of their head, rounded up to the next thousand or so. The rate card won't be needed for your ride from the airport (as you are using the regulated taxi ticket system), but when you take taxis in the city, look for the rate card when you get in a taxi, and ask if you don't see it.


Fake Surcharge

Some drivers will add a COP 2,000-2,500 surcharge (recargo) to the fare for unsuspecting passengers. Always insist on the seeing the rate card and ensuring each surcharge is valid.


Taximetro Clicker

A trick employed by some taxi drivers to use a hidden clicker that tthey use to manually adjusts the meter upwards. Keep your eyes on the meter, and if you see it jump unusually quickly, consider complaining once the car is stopped. Dishonest drivers may well back down when confronted. This is less likely to happen if you only take official taxis. 


The Fast Change

Drivers are known to switch the bills you hand them for payment, before making change (for example, if you hand them a COP 50,000 note, the driver switches it to a COP 5,000 note before making change - and will claim that COP 5,000 is all you gave him). 


Counterfeit Money

Be on the lookout for both counterfeit coins and notes.


Tip: as you will know your fare before leaving the airport, due to the official taxi ticket system, consider buying something at the airport so that you have exact change, and don't need to worry about the last 2 scams.


Slow Down!

Not a scam, per se, but there have been complaints of dangerous driving at high speeds by some taxi drivers, although this is not likely in an official taxi. Regardless, learn this phrase:

  • You are driving too fast. Please slow down.
  • Maneja demasiado rápido. Vaya más despacio por favor.


If you experience a problem with a taxi or driver, you can report a complaint with the police by dialing 123. You should also call the taxi company.

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Last Updated: 12 Oct 2017