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Manila Ninoy Aquino Airport (MNL) Taxi Service

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 Official Manila Ninoy Aquino Airport Taxi Service


Official Manila Ninoy Aquino Airport Taxi Recommendations

IHateTaxis.com has a mixed recommendation on the official Manila Ninoy Aquino Airport taxi service.

A taxi from Manila Ninoy Aquino Airport can be convenient, but can be subject to scams.

(Read More about Official Manila Ninoy Aquino Airport Taxis Below)
** Be aware that unofficial or pirate taxis operate at Manila Ninoy Aquino Airport and we have given them different safety recommendations as discussed below.

Official Manila Ninoy Aquino Airport Taxi Rates & Fares

Manila Ninoy Aquino Airport taxi rates given here are in the local currency (PHP or Philippines Peso). Use our currency converter or the cheat sheet to the left if you would like to convert to your currency. Note that Manila Ninoy Aquino Airport taxi rates given here are for official taxis and unofficial or pirate taxis (discussed below) may be different. Drivers may also accept USD, but make sure to confirm.

  • Prepaid (coupon) Manila Airport taxis charge somewhere between PHP 700-800* for destinations within Metro Manila.


    Yellow Manila Airport taxi rates are about half that price, around PHP 380-450*, and issue receipts for passengers.


    Regular metered taxi fare is about PHP 200-300*.



    • All Manila taxis have been ordered to reduce the starting meter fare by PHP 10
    • For Manila airport taxis, this means the starting fare has dropped from PHP 70 to PHP 60
    • Elsewhere in Manila, the starting fare drop is from PHP 40 to PHP 30
    • For reasons that are unfathomable, the fare drop does NOT appear on the meter! 
    • It is the driver's responsibility to deduct the PHP 10 off the fare
    • There are severe penalties for drivers who do not give the reduction
    • Expect the reduction and pay attention to make sure you get the correct rate
    • The reduction applies elsewhere in the Philippines as well
    • Read our blog post: Taxi prices drop in Manila... or do they?

Manila Taxi Payment: Cash only
Drivers may also accept USD, but make sure to confirm
Manila Taxi Tipping Recommendation: Tipping recommended, PHP 20-50

Official Manila Ninoy Aquino Airport Taxi Details

Manila Ninoy Aquino Airport Taxi

Manila Ninoy Aquino Airport taxi photo

Authorities accredit Manila Airport taxi drivers who can pick up passengers at the airport's 4 terminals.


Coupon Taxis: To take a coupon taxi from Manila Airport, you pay the fare in advance, which is calculated based on your destination. You are then handed a ticket (coupon) to present to the cabbie in the queue. Unfortunately, the fare is usually significantly more expensive than what a regular metered cab would cost for the same distance. For safety reasons, however, a coupon taxi is probably your best option (see scams below).


White Taxis: You may also take a "white" taxi, which is a regular metered taxi. Long forbidden from picking up clients at the airport, permission was granted in July 2016 for white taxis to legally pick up fares at NAIA terminals, in an attempt to relieve long taxi lines. The regular white taxis use designated lanes at all four NAIA terminals. Meters must be used, and passengers are to be given a slip with

the taxi plate number, the driver's name, the operator's name and a hotline number. Read our blog post: New white taxi lanes at NAIA    


Yellow Taxis: Regular yellow taxis are permitted to pick up passengers from the Ninoy Aquino Airport. While the fare will probably be cheaper, but you will first need to find them (or flag one down). Then, you may need to negotiate a fare if there is resistance to use the meter (see the scams section, below).



Pink Taxis: Manila's new pink taxis exclusively provide rides for women, children, senior citizens and persons with disabilities.


Whichever method you choose, the trip will take about 20 minutes to get from the Manila Ninoy Aquino Airport to downtown.

 Unofficial Manila Ninoy Aquino Airport Taxi Service or Hire Points


Unofficial taxis in Manila are called colorum taxis. 'Colorum' is a Filipino slang term used to refer to illegal vehicles. There has been a crackdown on all manner of colorum vehicles (taxis, buses) since August 2014 (The latest Manila colorum taxi scam).

 Manila Ninoy Aquino Airport Taxi Scams

In September 2014, a new Manila taxi scam emerged in which the car's motor dies, forcing the driver to pull over. After checking under the hood, the driver beckons for his passenger to get out, to observe or assist in some way. Once the passenger is outside the taxi, the driver gets back in, miraculously starts the engine, and speeds off with the passenger's luggage and possessions, leaving the passenger stranded. The entire incident ttok place in a colorum (illegal) taxi, and is facilitated by a hidden switch which turns the engine off and on. Tip: whatever happens, do not get out of your taxi, or if you must, take your carry-on items with you.


In February 2014, an Austrian tourist was robbed by a yellow taxi driver after being picked up at Ninoy Aquino Airport. She was robbed of her purse, iPhone and a substantial amount of cash. Tip: to prevent being a target, take a coupon taxi,  don't flash your technical gadgets and be discrete with cash. 


Other Manila airport taxi scams include non-metered transactions (driver will try to negotiate price fare, he will exaggerate distance and traffic, and misquote costs. He will claim that passenger would get to save more compared to the metered travel.) These are attempted scams. Always insist on the meter being turned on. If he does not put on the meter, you must tell him that you call going to call the police if he does not put it on immediately. This should work. If not, insist on stopping the taxi, get your luggage out and look for another taxi.


Read our blog post: The latest Manila colorum taxi scam

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Last Updated: 10 Mar 2024