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Two brothers launch IHateTaxis.com to fight airport transfer rip-offs

Originally published on 9 September 2009 on MSN Money

By Muzi Mohale
Two brothers contemplated the IHateTaxis.com website idea as early as 2005 and construction on the site began last year. The catalyst to the concept was based on continual unpleasant global travelling experiences, and on a recurring question plagued by all travellers: How do I get from the airport to my hotel after that long flight without being ripped off?

Like most travellers out there, both brothers have individually and collectively experienced the shark tank feeding frenzy of extortion at various airports as soon as one clears customs, be they in developed or developing countries. Looking dumbfounded, not knowing the local rates of services or even what transportation option are available, and being hassled after a long flight, most often leaves you in a state of complete vulnerability. The common outcome is that you often end up paying a ridiculous amount to get to your hotel and sometimes this unfortunately shapes your first impression of the city or country you are in. The name chosen for our website is thus a half-jocular expression of this frustration.

Sure one can book their plane ticket, hotel room, car hire, and even attractions online, but something very important was amiss in the new age of travel e-convenience. Our website is intended to fill this previous information void. The IHateTaxis.com website also focuses on safety and environmental concerns for the international traveller once they arrive. In many airports people find themselves approached by touts that offer rides into town, but these are often less safe than official routes and often come at a price. Also in this age of enhanced environmental awareness, people might be looking for that alternative way to town, be it a shuttle service, local bus, or in some locations a good walk to stretch the legs or an easy cycle ride to town.

The IHateTaxis.com website provides a centralized and constantly updated global ground transportation repository, so that travellers may investigate their transportation options and be empowered upon their arrival. The IHateTaxis.com website has full-time staff that spends their working lives constantly creating, reviewing, and updating ground transportation options at hundreds of airports around the globe. We keep our pulse on this by constantly searching the internet and contacting various companies and airport authorities regarding ground transportation. We also speak with travelers whom have recently been to a particular location and can offer useful information. Our staff is based in South Africa and Canada and therefore maintains continual 24-hour ground transportation surveillance.

The intent behind the IHateTaxis.com website was that of a hobby to assist travellers in this previous e-information void. Undoubtedly, an empowered traveller will make smarter and safer decisions and will enjoy their trip more. This new form of empowerment will curtail the shark tank feeding frenzy of extortion for travellers around the globe.

Source: http://www.travelwires.com/wp/2009/09/two-brothers-launch-ihatetaxis-com-to-fight-airport-transfer-rip-offs/

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