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Argentinian Tipping Protocol, Argentinian Gratuities, & Argentinian Culture

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Do's and Don'ts in Argentina


  • DO dress well. Argentina is a very fashion conscious country. Conservative and modest clothing is ideal.
  • DON'T wear clothes that is ripped or baggy if you want to blend in with the locals. Avoid flip-flops for this reason, too.
  • DO dress up for a night on the town.
  • DON'T wear soccer jerseys, especially of rivals. Argentines are serious soccer fans, so wearing a rival's jersey can be asking for trouble!


  • DON'T eat on the street or on buses or trains.
  • DON'T talk about business during a meal unless an Argentine business associate brings it up first.
  • DO remember that dinner is eaten late in Argentina. People will usually have dinner at 9 or 10 PM.
  • DON'T pour wine for others, if you can avoid it. There is a ritual associated with pouring wine in Argentina, so it's best to let an Argentine do it.
  • DO cross your fork and knife to show that you are finished eating.


  • DON'T give clothes or other personal items.
  • DO open your gift right away and show your gratitude.
  • DO give gifts such as flowers, candy, pastries, chocolate, or imported liquor.


  • DON'T make the 'OK' sign or give a 'thumbs up' as these are considered vulgar.
  • DO shake someone's hand when greeting someone you haven't met before.
  • DO kiss on the cheek when greeting someone you've met before and upon departing. This type of greeting is traditional among and between both men and women.
  • DON'T be offended by Argentine humour which can sometimes be insulting, such as poking fun at your appearance, weight, or attire.
  • DON'T compare Argentina with the U.S.A. or Brazil. This could be considered rude.
  • DON'T talk about Great Britain, The Falkland Islands, or the Perons. Those are all very sensitive topics and could evoke strong reactions.
  • DON'T participate in discussions that include politics or religion. Argentines are often vocal about those subjects, but as a foreign guest, you should steer clear of expressing your opinon.
  • DO participate in conversations about your personal life. Argentines may begin asking you personal questions right after meeting you. By being unresponsive, it could show disinterest in the conversation and the person you are talking to.
  • DO show up between thirty to sixty minutes late if invited to a party. Showing up on time is considered impolite!
  • DON'T rest your feet on the furniture.
  • DON'T put your feet up on a table or chair: It's considered rude.
  • DO adjust your sleeping habits to stay up late and get up late (or take a siesta in the afternoon).

Argentinian Tipping Customs

There is no obligation to tip in Argentina although it is considered customary. Sometimes rounding up or telling them to "keep the change" is enough on small checks, deliveries, gasoline tenders, etc. Leaving at least a 10% tip is considered kind and polite at restaurants, cafes, hotels, beauty parlors, barbers, taxicabs, ushers and car-washes. Tipping bartenders is not customary. Service fees are included in most upscale hotels and restaurants, usually around 15%.

Our Argentinian Tipping Recommendations

  • Taxis and Limos: Tipping optional, Round up to next bill/large coin

  • Airport Shuttles: Tipping not required

  • Hotel Shuttles and Carpark Shuttles: Tipping not required

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