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Czech Tipping Protocol, Czech Gratuities, & Czech Culture

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Do's and Don'ts in Czech Republic


  • DO dress modestly and conservatively for business occasions.
  • DO dress casually for sports or barbecues.
  • DON'T wear shorts unless you are partaking in sports or going swimming.


  • DO wish your dining partners "dobrou chut'", which is the rough equivalent of Bon Appetit.
  • DO praise the food and ask for seconds, even if you're stuffed.
  • DO toast with "Na zdravi!" which means "To your health!" Maintain eye contact while toasting. ("Na zdravi!" also is said when someone sneezes, like "Bless you!")


  • DO open your gift right away.
  • DO give a gift from your home country. Good gifts are alcohol, flowers, and food, but don't give even numbers of flowers and don't give chrysanthemums. Chrysanthemums are used for putting on graves.
  • DO politely refuse when being offered a gift. After the person giving it to you insists that you take it, then accept. When you give a gift, the recipient will also refuse until you insist.
  • DON'T spend more than USD 15-30 on a gift.
  • DO write a thank you note if you want. They're not common but are likely to be appreciated anyway.

Visting Someone's Home

  • DO take your shoes off upon entering someone's home. You will be given some form of indoor shoes to wear inside.
  • DO bring a gift.
  • DON'T stay too late into the evening. Leaving around 10 PM is appropriate.


  • DO make appointments at least three weeks in advance.
  • DON'T be late. It's common for your host to be late, but you are expected to be punctual.
  • DO engage in small talk in the beginning, such as chatting about weather or sports.
  • DO be assertive during business meetings, but remain polite. Czechs can be indirect, so it's important to stay assertive. Just don't be too loud or pushy.


  • DON'T bathe nude at the beach. Although the Czech Republic is landlocked, it does have many beaches on lakes. Full nudity at beaches is legal but uncommon, unless the areas are empty.
  • DO shake hands when greeting someone and again upon leaving. Greeting with a kiss on each cheek is also common, but usually only among friends.
  • DO greet people when sharing a table at a pub, in elevators, inside train compartments, or upon leaving or entering a store.
  • DO talk about sports, especially hockey or soccer.
  • DON'T discuss politics or the former communist regime.
  • DO be aware that Czechoslovakia was not party of the Soviet Union or the Russian Empire. Czechs don't appreciate when people assume that.
  • DON'T assume that whoever you are conversing with has religious beliefs. The Czech Republic is largely an atheist and agnostic country and proud of that fact.

Czech Tipping Customs

Although it is customary to tip in the Czech Republic, it has very little to do with the size of the bill, and more to do with a sign of appreciation.

Our Czech Tipping Recommendations

  • Taxis and Limos: Tipping optional, Round up to next bill/large coin

  • Airport Shuttles: Tipping not required

  • Hotel Shuttles and Carpark Shuttles: Tipping not required

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