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Do I Need a Visa for Cambodia?

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Visa Requirements for Cambodia

  • Specific Visa Requirements for Cambodia are shown to the right

A visa or travel visa, comes from the Latin phrase "carta visa", which means "the document has been seen" and is a document which gives someone permission to travel into a specific country and stay there for a certain period of time. Visas may be stamped or glued directly into a passport for convenience, or they may be issued on a separate piece of paper. Some countries require everyone to obtain a visa, while others have reciprocal agreements with your home country to waive visa requirements. It is important to research visa requirements before travelling, as in some cases you must be in possession of a visa before entering the country and others may allow you to obtain the required visa once your arrive. Visas take a number of forms, ranging from tourist visas to immigration visas, and each type of visa has its own application process.

Visas generally expire after a set period of time. In some cases, a visa may be extended by permission, while in other instances, people must leave the country and re-enter it to receive a new visa. Visas can also establish the number of times someone enters and leaves a country. In the case of a single entry visa, the visa is canceled as soon as the traveler leaves the country. In a multiple entry visa, someone may leave and return several times before the visa is cancelled.

If you are required to obtain a visa for Cambodia, you may be asked if you have enough money to survive in the country for the duration of the visa. Visa requires may also include your health and intentions of the planned visit. In some cases, visa applicants may need to submit fingers and/or photographs. Visas may be denied for any number of reasons, especially if you appear to lack financial resources to visit the country, your health is of question, or if you have a criminal record.

Do I need a Visa
to visit Cambodia?

Visa Specifics for Cambodia

Travellers to Cambodia may opt to obtain their evisa before visiting. The cost for this service is USD20+5 and is done online at http://www.mfaic.gov.kh/e-visa/vindex.aspx where you upload your photo, give your passport details, and within a couple of days you receive your visa by email. Then you print off the email and photo and bring it with you (make at least 2 copies -- one for entry and one for exit). Note that the evisa is not accepted for entry at all borders, but is accepted for exit at all borders.

The evisa is definitely a time-saver at the border as everyone else will need to line-up to obtain their visa and you can go directly to immigration.

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