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Heathrow Airport Regulations

Heathrow Airport Security
In the current climate of enhanced security at international borders, it is worth taking note of the rules and regulations of your destination airport to avoid any unnecessary and unpleasant experiences caused by simple misunderstandings. Each airport differs slightly in the way they manage the security of their borders and this is an overview of the Heathrow Airport regulations.

The cardinal rule when travelling has always been to never, ever take anything on board an aircraft for someone else. That still applies at the top of the list but, in recent times security concerns have become greater than ever, and now there is a lot more to be aware of when travelling both domestically and internationally.

Extra security

Extra Security

Heathrow airport has recently installed body scanners which will be used to carry out full body scans of travellers in the interests of ensuring the security of all passengers. If you are unwilling to have a full body scan you will not be allowed to fly. The scanners are operated by airport security personnel and they have made it clear that images will not be saved.

Avoid delays caused by security

Avoid Security Delays

With all the added security measures and airport regulations, there is the potential for delays if everything does not run smoothly. With this in mind, Heathrow regulations require that travellers arrive at the airport with plenty of time to spare and to follow the safety procedures with regards to both checked and carry on luggage. Reading and complying with the Heathrow airport regulations will reduce your arrival and departure stress levels.

Domestic Flights within the UK

Domestic Flights within the UK

Recent re-organisations of both the domestic and international halls now ensures that domestic travellers have the same access to Heathrow's amenities as the international passengers. This has created an opportunity for passengers to exchange travel documents and bypass border controls. To combat this security issue, new regulations have been put in place to ensure that UK's borders remain secure.

How Does the Security Process Work?

How Does the Security Process Work?

When you present your identification or boarding card at the security checkpoint, you will be asked to face the camera to be photographed. When it is time to board, this photograph will be checked again by security staff prior to accessing the boarding ramp to your flight.

What will happen to my data?

What Happens to My Data?

Your photograph will be encrypted and will be destroyed within 24 hours of use, in accordance with the Data Protection Act and it will not be used for any other purposes. Data stored do not include personal details.

Can I decline to supply my data?

Can I Decline to Supply my Data?

These security measures are a Government requirement. Passengers who refuse to provide their data, or to validate it prior to boarding, will be denied entry and will not be able to board their flight.

Written by Todd Romaine

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