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Chachoengsao Day Trip Including Bang Pakong River Cruise from Bangkok

Chachoengsao Day Trip Including Bang Pakong River Cruise from Bangkok
9 hours
USD 86.82
Explore the Thai Way of Life with a visit to the historical town of Chachoengsao. Visit to Khlong Suan, a 100 Year old market. From the past to the present, the people here, a combination of Thai Chinese, Buddhist and Muslim people, live together harmoniously. You will visit temples including Wat Saman Rattanaram and Wat Pho Bangkla, and enjoy a special boat trip along Bang Pakong River around Koh Lad where you can see nature and enjoy the views of river bank. Lunch will be enjoyed at a local restaurant.

Private Day Trip to Ayutthaya from Bangkok

Private Day Trip to Ayutthaya from Bangkok
8 hours
USD 69.87
Head out of busy Bangkok and discover the magical area of Ayutthaya, the former capital of Thailand, called Siam back then. Enjoy a private day trip to the stunning Autthaya temples including a private boat tour. Secret gems stops included!

More Things to do in Bangkok, including Tours, Layover, and Overnight Ideas

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Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) Taxi Service

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 Official Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Taxi Service


Official Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Taxi Recommendations

IHateTaxis.com has a mixed recommendation on the official Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport taxi service.

>Read about changes coming: Thai Military cleverly clamps down on the Bangkok Airport taxi chaos

Official Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport taxis are generally fast and will get you directly to where you are going.  The train is more economical for a couple of passengers, but not practial with lots of luggage.  But be aware and be smart about potential Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport scams.

(Read More about Official Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Taxis Below)
** Be aware that unofficial or pirate taxis operate at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport and we have given them different safety recommendations as discussed below.

Official Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Taxi Rates & Fares

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport taxi rates given here are in the local currency (THB or Thai Baht). Use our currency converter or the cheat sheet to the left if you would like to convert to your currency. Note that Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport taxi rates given here are for official taxis and unofficial or pirate taxis (discussed below) may be different. Drivers will relucantly accept USD.

  • Sukhumvit area THB 250
    Highway tolls THB 70 (paid by passenger)

    If you have used the official taxi stand then don't forget the additional THB 50 charge. We recommend taking the highway during daylight (rush) hours to possibly save time. At night and during non-rush hours the non-highway route (basically under the highway) will save you the tolls.


    July 2015: Increases to taxi surcharges have been announced, but when, and by how much, has not yet been confirmed. Stay tuned!

Bangkok Taxi Payment: Cash • Try to have exact change as drivers will typically not have change
Drivers will relucantly accept USD.
Bangkok Taxi Tipping Recommendation: Tipping optional, Round up to next bill/large coin

Official Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Taxi Details

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Taxi

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport taxi photo

>Read about changes coming: Thai Military cleverly clamps down on the Bangkok Airport taxi chaos     


Catching an official taxi from BKK Airport is very confusing and almost all travellers that have not been to this airport before end up taking a pirate taxi. The official taxis are safer and cheaper, but you need to know the secrets of locating them.


After exiting the baggage claim and customs, you will walk into an arrivals hall on the second floor of the Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport. You will immediately be surrounded by touts saying "taxi" or "hotel" or offering other Bangkok Airport transfer options. Ignore all of them and DO NOT talk to them. Look for the huge glass wall in front of you.


Official taxis may be found on the first floor (one floor BELOW where you exit customs). Turn immediately to the left and follow the glass wall almost to the end and take any stairs or elevator down one level. Then on the lower level, either near gate 4 or 7, you will see outside on the corridor a desk or two and possibly a line-up. This is the official taxi from BKK Airport stand. You are still ignoring all touts saying "taxi" -- they may become somewhat aggressive as you near the official taxi line and even try to convince you not to line up.


At the front of the line, there are usually one or two people at a desk will ask you where you are going. Their job is to determine your destination and communicate it to the taxi driver, who will speak little if any English. If you have pre-booked your hotel, make sure to bring the printout map that they supply. Maps generally DO NOT work in Thailand as Thai people do not use them and do not understand them.


This person at the desk will charge THB 50 to your bill and this fee will be collected from the Taxi driver at the end of your taxi from BKK Airport journey. Do not pay anything to the desk person and do not tip as Thailand is not a tipping culture.


The person at the desk will assign you a taxi from the line and likely that taxi driver will come and meet you and take the piece of paper from the person at the desk. The taxi driver will offer to stow your luggage in the trunk of the cab, although there isn't usually too much room due to the LPG cylinder in many cabs. Before putting the luggage into the trunk, have a peek into the middle front of the taxi for the meter to be on and running (you should see the '35' flagfall price in red or green). If you don't see it, say "meter" to the driver. This might start a negotiation of price or just a "ok". If the driver tries to fix a price, you will be ripped off, so stick to "meter" or walk away and find another taxi.


For the Bangkok Airport to city routes you may be asked "Highway?" There are toll highways leading from the Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport into town, you may be asked what you would like to do. We recommend saying "Up to you" or "You choose" to the driver. They will then most likely pick the faster route which might be the regular road under the highway. If you are taking the toll highway, you will need to pay the tolls at the toll gate. If you have exact change then give this to the driver, otherwise give a THB 100 note and the toll booth will provide change. If you are only carrying 1000 THB notes, you can use one here to get change, but just make sure the driver gives you the right change back!

The 1000 notes are brown, 500 are purple, 100 are red, 50 are blue, and 20 are green. Two toned coins are 10 and large silver coins are 5. The trip into the city will take about 45 minutes.


Update: There is change coming to BKK! A new computerized airport taxi cab queue is to be implemented by mid-July 2014.

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See our Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport private transfer options page for more information and pricing.

 Unofficial Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Taxi Service or Hire Points


>Read about changes coming: Thai Military cleverly clamps down on the Bangkok Airport taxi chaos

Note that this BKK Airport taxi option will save you the THB 50 service desk charge, likely get you a cab faster, and possibly reduce discussion of a rip-off fare (if you play your cards right).


  • Go to departure level (one floor up from arrivals)
  • Ignore all touts on your way
  • Leave through a gate towards the end of the hall (#6 or #8 work well). Cross the first road and meet a taxi driver at his taxi (still ignorning touts). This is their last chance to catch a passenger before they get ushered away by security guards
  • Ask 'Meter'. If he refuses then likely he has missed his chance as security will likely usher him away


We at IHateTaxis.com have never had a problem with this, although sometimes security will pester you to use the official taxi stands, but this seems to be directed at non-Thais.

IHateTaxis.com recommends the unofficial Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport taxi service.

Although this option means a little more walking and is discouraged by Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport officials, we suggest it as an option due to the time-savings of not lining up and avoiding a THB 50 surcharge. We at IHateTaxis.com regularly use this option. Read the Taxi Scam section below before proceeding.

 Pirate Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Taxi Serivce


Pirate Taxi operations are very common at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport. Typically you will be approached by touts asking where you are going or which hotel you are staying at. Avoid any conversation with them as it is a ploy to get you into a pirate taxi at an increased price.

IHateTaxis.com does not recommend the pirate Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport taxi service.

We do not recommend this option as you will very likely be ripped off.

 Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Taxi Scams

Read about changes coming: Thai Military cleverly clamps down on the Bangkok Airport taxi chaos

Unfortunately Bangkok hosts lots of taxi scams, mostly due to tourists falling for them.  We at IHT have personally experienced several and these are the most common ones. If you appear to taxi drivers as having been to Bangkok before and know the scams, then you are less likely to be scammed, but keep your eyes and ears open to avoid these:


No Meter
The meter is apparently broken. Used to set a fixed price. Use the fare guide above if your driver is playing this game or get out of the taxi. Insist on meter use before you or any of your luggage is placed in the cab.


Re-Negotiation of Price
This is very common. You have apparently agreed to a price and the taxi drives away and minutes later a new price is demanded. You can either re-state the original price or stop the taxi and motion to leave without paying, which may re-establish the original price.


Meter Jumps
Be aware that drivers may bump the meter rate when you are not looking. Try to avoid falling asleep on the ride. Also if the driver needs to stop for fuel, the meter should be stopped or turned off while fuelling. Try to note the fare before the meter is turned off and when the car is re-started (if it is turned off during re-fuelling) the meter rate should be where it was before.


Not Allowed, Prohibited, etc
If you hear these, they are likely trying to get you to agree to a rip-off rate. If negotiating does not work then just wait for another taxi (don't worry, there's lots!).

 More Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Transfer & Airport Connection Options

Last Updated: 4 Jan 2018