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Dusseldorf Airport (DUS) Public & Private Bus Transfers

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 DUS Public Dusseldorf Airport Bus Transfers


Dusseldorf Airport Public Bus Fares & Payment

Dusseldorf Airport Public Bus Payment: Exact cash fare • Pre-paid tickets/tokens/pass

EUR 2-3.80

Dusseldorf Airport Public Bus Details

Public Dusseldorf Airport Bus

Dusseldorf Airport public bus photo

There is a regional Dusseldorf Airport bus station located outside central Arrivals offering the following services:

Bus No. 072 to Krefeld runs to and from Krefeld Hbf/Main train station via Kaiserswerth and Duisburg-M├╝ndelheim

Bus No. SB51 to the train station on Neersener Str in Kaarst departs from DUS Dusseldorf International Airport Terminal ABC (Bus stop 2) to:

  • Flughafenverwaltung
  • Birkhahnweg
  • Nordfriedhof
  • Theod-Heuss-Br├╝cke U
  • Niederkassel (10 minutes)
  • Linnicher Strasse
  • Lotharstrasse
  • Strandbad L├Ârick
  • Hubert-Hermes-strasse (15 minutes)
  • Meerbusch Grabenstrasse
  • B├╝derich, Landsknecht U
  • Br├╝hler Weg (22 minutes)
  • B├╝derich, Kirche
  • Am Roten Kreuz (25 minutes)
  • Im Kamp - Am Eisenbrand
  • Kaarst Broicherseite
  • Am Hoverkamp (32 minutes)
  • Ritterstrasse
  • Neusser Strasse
  • Maubissstrasse
  • Stadtpark
  • Kaarst Mitte/Holzb├╝ttgen (S)
  • Neersener Strasse/Kaarster Bahnhof (S)

Dusseldorf Airport buses leave the airport lower level Monday to Friday at 06:22, then every 30 minutes until 08:22, 09:12, then hourly until 15:12 then every 30 minutes until 18:42. Saturday buses run every hour 09:02-16:02 and there is no Sunday service. Fare is:

Adult EUR 3.80
Child EUR 1.20

Bus No. SB52 to Meerbusch & Haus Meer runs from DUS Dusseldorf International Airport bus stop 2.

Bus No. 721 to Dusseldorf city runs from/to Tannenhof/Gothaer Weg via Dusseldorf main rail station passing along Prinz Georg Strasse & Alderstrasse. It goes from DUS Dusseldorf International Airport Terminals ABC (Bus stop 6) to:

  • Flughafenverwaltung
  • Zeisigweg
  • Am Roten Haus
  • Carl-Sonnenschein-strasse (5 minutes)
  • Birkhahnweg
  • Am Hain
  • Mahnmal
  • Nordfriedhof
  • Haus der Stiftungen
  • Frankenplatz (11 minutes)
  • Bankstrasse
  • Munsterstrasse/Feuerwache
  • Prinz-Georg-strasse (15 minutes)
  • Adlerstrasse
  • Pempelforter strasse
  • Worringer Platz
  • Dusseldorf HBF/Main train station (22 minutes)
  • Mintropplatz
  • Stahisstrasse (25 minutes)
  • Fl├╝gelstrasse
  • Ellerstrasse (U)
  • Karl-Geusen-strasse
  • Am Stufstock (31 minutes)
  • Schleisiche Strasse (U)
  • Richardsstrasse
  • Breslauer Strasse (35 minutes)
  • Posener Strasse
  • Brunzlauer Weg
  • Gubener Strasse
  • Reichenbacher Weg
  • In den K├Âtten (40 minutes)
  • Eisenacher Weg
  • Gothaer Weg (43 minutes)

Dusseldorf Airport buses leave the airport Monday to Friday every ~20 minutes 05:20-00:26. Saturdays every ~20 minutes 05:43-00:26 and Sundays and holidays every 30 minutes 05:48-09:40 then every ~20 minutes 10:00-00:26.

Bus No. 760 to Ratingen runs to and from Ratingen Ost (S) via D├╝sseldorf Unterrath and Lichtenbroich. The route goes from DUS Dusseldorf International Airport Terminals ABC (Bus stop 5) to:

  • Flughafen Zentralgeb. Ost
  • Eckenerstrasse
  • Am R├Âttchen (5 minutes)
  • Unterrath (S)
  • Parsevalstrasse
  • Im Schlank
  • Neu-Lichtenbroich
  • Ratingen Gothaer strasse (15 minutes)
  • Erfurter strasse
  • Brandenburger strasse
  • Dieselstrasse
  • Einsteiner starsser
  • Breslauer strasse (21 minutes)
  • Eckampstrasse
  • Bachstrasse
  • Weststrasse
  • Ratingen Town centre (27 minutes)
  • Ratingen Ost (S)

Dusseldorf Airport buses leave the DUS Dusseldorf International Airport lower level Monday to Friday every 15-30 minutes 05:26-19:38. Saturday, once or occaisionaly twice every hour 05:26-19:17. Sunday buses leave the DUS Dusseldorf International Airport at 05:26, 06:52, 14:20 then hourly until 19:20. Fare is:

Adult EUR 2
Child EUR 1.20

Bus No. 823 to D├╝sseldorf runs to the main railway station in Dusseldorf.

Bus No. 896 to D├╝sseldorf Mess/Fairground is only available on those days when a fair is being held. The bus goes from DUS Dusseldorf International Airport (Terminals ABC, bus stop 3) to:

  • Stockumerkirchstrasse (U)
  • Messe/Faie (East Entrance)
  • Messe/Fair Centre
  • Messe/Fair Congress Center
  • Stadthalle
  • Messe/Fair (North Entrance)

Dusseldorf Airport buses leave the airport Monday to Friday 07:30-19:12 every 15-30 minutes. On weekends 07:30-19:12 every 15-30 minutes. Fair days only. Transfer time to the fairground is 10-15 minutes.

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Last Updated: 4 Jan 2024