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Operation City Quest Scavenger Hunt - Newark, NJ

Operation City Quest Scavenger Hunt - Newark, NJ
2 hours
USD 10.00
Operation City Quest is an open world scavenger hunt, in which you use your smartphone along with a remote guide to seek out 150+ items including monuments, statues, and unique points of interest.  Challenges and trivia from your guide makes Operation City Quest fun for the whole family. This downtown adventure game is played for two hours while walking about 2 miles.<br>

Zombie Scavengers Game - Newark, NJ

Zombie Scavengers Game - Newark, NJ
1 hour
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CAN YOU SURVIVE THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE?<br>Zombie Scavengers leads you into the city to collect supplies to survive during this interactive scavenger game.<br>With the whole world in chaos and zombies outnumbering the living 10 to 1, small colonies of the living are doing all they can to survive. Using your smartphone, your team will be tasked with scavenging the city for food, supplies, weapons, and shelter. The more things you find, the more points you get and more likely you are to survive. Along the way, you will be asked to do a challenge or answer a trivia question in order to be rewarded virtual weapons to ward off the zombies. The area is crawling with relentless zombies, and rival colonies are moving in. If you get too relaxed, rival colonies will take what you worked hard to find. The goal is to find all of the items in hopes that you will survive the zombie apocalypse.

More Things to do in Newark, including Tours, Layover, and Overnight Ideas

Newark Airport (EWR) Taxi Service

Newark Airport TransfersSafely Arrive or Depart Stress-Free at the Newark Airport -- Book a safe and economical Newark Airport shuttle transfer from USD 22 or less. See the Newark Airport Shared Shuttle Transfers page for rates and details.
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 Official Newark Airport Taxi Service


Official Newark Airport Taxi Recommendations

IHateTaxis.com has a mixed recommendation on the official Newark Airport taxi service.

The Newark Airport taxi meters start at a basic fare, but additional charges are usually made for luggage, bridge and tunnel tolls, late-night driving and travel on public holidays in Newark, so it can prove useful to ask your Newark Airport taxi driver about these before leaving.


When taking a taxi from Newark Airport, you will find that some charge flat rates which are fixed by local authorities. For a taxi to Newark Airport, from Manhattan, the fare is the amount shown on the meter (includes a surcharge of USD 17.50), plus all necessary tolls along the way.

(Read More about Official Newark Airport Taxis Below)

Official Newark Airport Taxi Rates & Fares

Newark Airport taxi rates given here are in the local currency (USD or US Dollar). Use our currency converter or the cheat sheet to the left if you would like to convert to your currency. Note that Newark Airport taxi rates given here are for official taxis and unofficial or pirate taxis (discussed below) may be different.

  • Typical Newark Airport taxi service fares, from the airport, are about:

    • Between Terminals, short term parking lots and bus stops: USD 13 
    • To all long-term parking: USD 15 
    • From Terminal A to Port Newark: USD $18 
    • City of Newark: USD 15-18 
    • City of Elizabeth: USD 20-25 
    • Edison & Edison township: USD 56 
    • Hackensack: USD 59 
    • Hoboken: USD 46 
    • Jersey City: USD 46 
    • New Brunswick: USD 59 
    • Teterboro: USD 49 
    • Union City: USD 52 
    • New York City / Manhattan:  
    •      Battery - W 23rd St.: USD 50
    •      W 24th St. - W 58th St.: USD 55
    •      W 59th St. - W 96th St.: 60 
    •      W 97th St. - W 185th St.: 65
    •      Above W 185th St.: USD 70 
    • LaGuardia Airport: USD 87 
    • JFK International Airport: USD 85


    During rush hour, Monday to Friday between 06:00-09:00 and 16:00-19:00, and weekends 12:00 to 20:00, there is a USD 5 surcharge for all points in New York State except Staten Island. Each bag over 60cm/24 inches is USD 1.

Newark Taxi Payment: Cash • Some taxis will also accept credit cards, but ask before getting in
  • Always confirm with your Newark Airport taxi driver if they take credit or bank cards and if there are any card fees.

Newark Taxi Tipping Recommendation: Tipping recommended, 10-15%

Official Newark Airport Taxi Details

Newark Airport Taxi

Newark Airport taxi photo

Newark Airport taxi service is readily available outside Arrivals at each of the Newark Airport's terminal buildings. A taxi from Newark Airport provides a convenient and easy way to travel into nearby Newark city and other destinations.


A taxi from Newark Airport into central Newark will take around 25 to 40 minutes, depending on traffic. Official Newark Airport taxi service cabs, at the airport's taxi ranks, should be used at all times to ensure safety and also to avoid being overcharged.


You'll be asked to pre-pay your fare at a machine at the taxi rank (don't forget to take your voucher!) Give your voucher to the driver, and he/she will process your final charge when you reach your destination. 

 Pirate Newark Airport Taxi Serivce


Don't consider yourself lucky if you "bump into" a taxi driver who happens to be in the terminal, who pleasantly (or not so pleasantly) says his cab is just outside, if you happen to be looking for a taxi. If you follow, you'll likely be led to a parking garage (past the lines of official taxis) to an unlicensed car or fake taxi who will not only rip you off, but may provide an unsafe ride. If you're taken in, then come to your senses, make an excuse to get out of the situation (we like faking an urgent need to go find the nearest bathroom). 

IHateTaxis.com recommends the pirate Newark Airport taxi service.

Do NOT accept a taxi ride If you are approached in the terminal.

 Newark Airport Taxi Scams

Not a scam, per se, but this is one of the priciest cities in which catch a cab from the airport, by cost per kilometre/mile. In 2013, Newark Airport ranked #10 on The World’s 15 Most Expensive Taxi Rides From the Airport to a City, by Skift Travel IQ.


There are also scams at EWR.


IHateTaxis has recently heard a report of passengers using a credit card for payment being charged a fee of USD 5.50. 


In March 2010, a story hit the media accusing thousands of New York City taxi drivers of overcharging passengers by more than USD 8.3 million over the previous two years. These cabbies illegally set their meters at a rate that was supposed to be used for trips to the suburbs only. At least 1.8 million trips were wrongly charged at the suburban rate, which is double the rate within city limits. At that time, the city had about 48,300 licensed cabbies, and data showed that 35,558 had illegally overcharged a rider at least once.


A smaller group of drivers was responsible for the majority of overcharged trips — 3,000 cabbies were found to have doubled the meter rate more than 100 times. The scammed passengers overpaid by an average of USD 4.45 per trip. Officials discovered the discrepancy by scouring data from global-positioning devices that are required in the city's yellow cabs. 


Taxi riders now see an alert on the television screen in the back seat when the higher rate code has been activated.

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Last Updated: 4 Jan 2022